WISH offers Fibre services to apartment buildings and estates! Fast affordable Internet via Fibre. No cost to owners.

Based on the outcome of a feasibility study WISH builds a network inside the building/estate with an active connection to each unit at no cost to the owners. A tenant can then request to have the internet service activated by contacting us as soon as the installation is completed. A Wi-Fi router is installed and connected. Each tenant has the option of signing up for a monthly subscription (private network added to Wi-Fi router), or to make use of prepaid data via the hotspot running on the Wi-Fi router.

  • Contract options
  • Only available in your apartment
  • Speeds from 4Mbps – 100Mbps
  • Procing from R500 and up
  • Payment by debit order
  • Automatically billed and data loaded on a monthly basis
  • No Contract
  • Available on any #WISH connection
  • Speeds from 1Mbps – 8 Mbps
  • Pricing from R15 – R500
  • Purchase additional data on prepaid basis
  • No fixed monthly costs

Fibre Internet Monthly Costs *

Line Speed Data Cost
4 Mbps Uncapped R495 p/m
10 Mbps Uncapped R595 p/m
20 Mbps Uncapped R695 p/m
50 Mbps Uncapped R895 p/m
100 Mbps Uncapped R995 p/m
* Note: Pricing is indicative pricing only and can differ between premises.
T’s and C’s apply

Wish Hotspot Pricing

Click data (GB) option to place order

R15 R25 R45 R99 R199 R250 R345 R495
DL: 1Mbps UL: 0.5Mbps 20GB
(R4.95 per GB)
(R3.98 per GB)
(R3.85 per GB)
(R3.45 per GB)
(R2.48 per GB)
DL: 2Mbps UL:1Mbps 10GB
(R9.90 per GB)
(R9.95 per GB)
(R7.14 per GB)
(R6.90 per GB)
(R4.95 per GB)
DL: 4Mbps UL: 2Mbps *500MB (R30.00 per GB) *1GB
(R25.00 per GB)
(R22.50 per GB)
(R19.80 per GB)
(R19.90 per GB)
(R13.89 per GB)
(R13.80 per GB)
(R9.90 per GB)
DL: 8Mbps UL: 2Mbps *500MB (R50.00 per GB)
(R45 per GB)
(R33 per GB)
(R33.17 per GB)
(R20.83 per GB)
(R17.25 per GB)
(R12.38 per GB)

* Only available for cash purchases
Speed indicated is maximum line speed and is dependent on external factors such as signal strength.
For more information regarding Prepaid Hotspot Services click here

Disclaimer: Subject to terms and conditions


Is there WISH Fibre available in my building?

There is WISH Fibre installed in your building!
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Building  / Estate Owners

Why Fibre?
Fibre is the fastest technology available for transmitting data and raises the value of properties. Fast internet connectivity has become a deciding factor when choosing where to reside.

“Fibre to the home raises property values by R50,000.” – FTTH Council Africa

We have been operating for over 10 years, specialising in multi-tenant and high-density installations. When planning and performing an installation we keep in tone with the aesthetics of the building. We always go the extra mile when it comes to customer service!
Fibre-Ready Installation

If fibre backhaul is not available in the area yet, we will install a high powered carrier class dedicated wireless connection as the backhaul to the nearest fibre POP. As soon as fibre becomes available in the area the wireless connection can be replaced, or become the backup uplink.


Contact us for a full proposal including the following additional add-on services:

DSTV over Fibre

The use of Optical Fibre has rapidly become a major talking point when installing or upgrading a Communal DSTV System. The reasons people are considering Fibre based DSTV systems are the lower maintenance costs and to future-proof the communal DSTV system beyond 2017.

The problem coming up is that Multichoice used to have one satellite, from which you received all your DSTV channels, using what is known as “LOW BAND” satellite signal, on two different signals – Vertical Low and Horizontal Low. Multichoice has been forced to include the ‘HIGH BAND’ in order to deliver more HD channels and services. This means that new decoders will require both the LOW and HIGH bands (Vertical Low, Vertical High, Horizontal Low and Horizontal High) in order to receive all the channels and services. This requires all older analogue system to be updated, or certain channels, services will not be available to residents as the migration to the new satellite occurs.


The network is also VoIP ready. This means you can keep your existing landline number and get a telephone that works through your Internet connection. Low monthly service cost, and cheap call rates. 


WISH can make provision for incorporating CCTV infrastructure into the Fibre infrastructure. We can also supply the IP cameras, DVR and a 24/7 monitoring service is also available via a third party.

Streaming Media Services

Television and media services of the future will all deliver content directly through your Internet connection, on a subscription basis. Look out for our bundled streaming media boxes, get a NetFlix or Showmax subscription, and  stream HD television. 


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