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Prepaid Hotspot Service FAQ

How do I connect?

Scan for available Wi-Fi networks on your Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop / cellphone / tablet)

Connect to the strongest access point with network named # WISH. We advise 3 signal bars or stronger.

How do I purchase prepaid data?

Visit the WISH shop at 48 Bird Street Stellenbosch Central to purchase data. The shop offers cash or card facilities. You can also purchase prepaid data at one of our registered vendors or online. Online purchases can be done while logged in with your prepaid user account on the user portal or from the website by following this link.

How do I check my usage?
Create a user account, redeem the voucher on your account and you will be able to see your usage history. Alternatively you can check a specific voucher’s usage by browsing to and entering the voucher’s username and password.
I am receiving a “User limit reached” error, what does this mean?

This means that you have reached the limit of devices that you can connect on your voucher / user account. Disconnect a device and try again. If you are still receiving this error, make contact with our support department by sending an email to or calling 021 880 2228 and one of our friendly helpdesk agents will assist you.

I am receiving a “Traffic limit reached” error, what does this mean?

This means that the data amount has been used up. You can purchase more data to reconnect.

How do I report problems with my connection?
Any connectivity problems can be reported to our support department by sending an email to or calling (+27) 21 880-2228.
How long is the data valid for?

Data is valid for one month from activation. Note that when data is purchased online it is activated instantly, and will expire in 1 month. Cash purchases are activated upon first use.

Can I topup if I have reached my data limit?

Topups are not available on the prepaid system, simply purchase data and it is valid again for a month from activation.

Where can I use the prepaid service?

The prepaid service can be used on any WISH hotspot access point. Check if your building is covered.


What speed can I expect?

The maximum speed is indicated on the data option upon purchase. Kindly note that this is the maximum speed that you can receive. Contact our support department to investigate should you not receive at least 60% of the indicated speed and you are connecting to a #WISH access point with at least 3 bars of signal.

I did not receive my voucher details, what do I do?

If you did not receive your voucher username and password while purchasing a prepaid voucher online you can contact our support department to investigate. If you purchased data through the user portal it should be automatically loaded to your user account.

Can I use more than one device on the same voucher / user account?

Yes, you can use up to five devices simultaneously with the same voucher / user account details.

Can I purchase data in advance?

We advise that you purchase cash vouchers at one of our registered vendors should you wish to purchase data in advance since data purchased online is activated upon purchase and will expire within one month.

Does my remaining data carry over?

Data does not carry over after it has expired.

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