Student Accommodation

Applicable to: Any student house, multi-tenant apartment building or student residence.


Hotspot solutions that allow buildings to offer students convenient, affordable Internet access options, or include the Internet in the rent.



Why does your building need proper Internet connectivity?

Internet connectivity has become a basic need, and an important consideration for students when choosing their accommodation. Student accommodation tends to either include a base Internet package in the rent, or offer the Internet connectivity as an available service that the students can make use of by simply buying prepaid data as and when required.


How does a WISH Wi-Fi Hotspot solve this problem?

Depending on the size of the building and the services required, WISH will install a combination of Fibre infrastructure and Wi-Fi Hotspot routers to offer students a range of connectivity options in their rooms. Students pay no installation or connection fee, and both prepaid and monthly data subscriptions are available. WISH manages the Internet breakout, the student Internet accounts, monitors the network, escalating issues and respond to all support queries from students directly.


What do these WISH Wi-Fi Hotspots offer?

  • We manage and support the building wide Wi-Fi Hotspot, or cabled network infrastructure for you. All support issues are directed at us.
  • Online payment portals through which guests can buy additional data if needed, the revenue is paid over to you, less the payment gateway fee.
  • We source the Internet connection through our partner networks (if required) at the best price.
  • Customizable hotspot splash page and dedicated branded hotspot server if building is big enough.
  • Users can be loaded from tenant list, or register themselves.
  • Verified users can be pre-loaded with data monthly (included in rent) and buy extra as required. The building owner pays a bulk rate for the total data consumed.
  • WISH can operate it a as a service on behalf of the developer if the developer is the network owner, monitoring and maintaining the network, and generating a revenue for the developer.
  • WISH can help fund and build the network, or entirely own the network infrastructure, lowering capex for the developer.
  • Various funding and profit share models exist, depending on the level of involvement desired, please engage us to discuss your needs for a bespoke solution.

Benefits: Internet connectivity options are an important consideration for people when choosing their accommodation. WISH can help the building owner, enabling them to offer Internet services to the tenants of the building, but choosing their own level of involvement. 

Extras: Internet can be included in the monthly rental for each student, with data loaded on the 1st of each month, billed to the building owner at a bulk rate.


How does it work?

The service varies from building to building, but in general residents have an option when they move in to simply connect to the Wi-Fi network inside the building and buy prepaid data online. No installation fee, no waiting period. Should a building also have a copper or Fibre network inside the building, residents can open an account and subscribe to a monthly Internet subscription at speeds of up to 100Mbps, OR make use of a prepaid service to buy smaller data packages as and when required.  

Installation Options

Client Owned Hotspot or WISH Sponsored Hotspot

Hotspot Service Aspect Client Owned (Client Expenses) WISH Owned (Client Expenses)

Installation Fee Once Off

Cabling, Labour and Travel costs Cabling, Labour and Travel costs
Hardware Cost Once Off All equipment costs No cost to client
Bandwidth Cost Monthly Full bandwidth cost No cost to client
Hotspot Service Fee Monthly SLA with a fixed monthly cost No cost to client
Maintenance & Upgrades As required No cost to client
Client Support Included in SLA No cost to client
Revenue Share Revenue belongs to client less fees Revenue belongs to WISH
Hotspot Templates Client picks a template Wish template


Hotspot Templates

Hotspot Landing Page layout and Functionality Options

  • Logo
  • Background Image
  • Complimentary Access
  • Data Capture
  • Choose to register usernames
  • Choose to have sales enabled
  • TryBeforeYouRegister

Customizable Hotspot Splash Page

Give your users a unique branded logon experience. Here are some examples:

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