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Wi-Fi has become a basic commodity that patrons expect to be in place inside Hospitality


Why does your establishment need our Wi-Fi Hotspot? People are abusing the connection and using a service intended for paying customers.


How does a WISH Wi-Fi Hotspot solve this problem? With a WISH Wi-Fi Hotspot the customers will be limited to the amount of data and time that they can use the internet for. The hotspot owner controls who has access to the internet and prevent abuse thereof.


What do these WISH Wi-Fi Hotspots offer?

  • We manage and support your Wi-Fi for you. All support issues are directed at us.
  • Online payment portals through which guests can buy additional data if needed, the revenue is paid over to you, less the payment gateway fee.
  • We source the Internet connection through our partner networks
  • One point of contact for Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Customizable hotspot splash page
  • Option to capture customer information before they get their allocated data
  • Ability to place an advertisement on the splash page, or redirect users to a link
  • Ability to allocate fixed amounts of bandwidth per device per day, e.g., give each guest device 1 gigabyte of data per day

Extras: Generate revenue out of the connection by selling data to customers. Capture customer information by activating data capturing on the hotspot system.


How does it work? The customers connect to the Wi-Fi access point and get redirected to a hotspot landing page. On the landing page the customer can view information regarding the hotspot or some promotion and could be required to complete some details to gain internet access (if data capturing is activated). Once connected the user will have a chance to like the Facebook page of the restaurant. If the data limit set is reached, the user’s access will be revoked and they will be prevented from further Internet access. If the option to buy more data is enabled, then user can now buy extra data cash from the restaurant, or directly online.

Installation Options

Client Owned Infrastructure & Hotspot

Hotspot Service Aspect Client Expenditure
Installation Fee Once Off Cabling, Labour and Travel costs
Hardware Cost Once Off All equipment costs
Bandwidth Cost Monthly Full bandwidth cost
Hotspot Service Fee Monthly SLA with a fixed monthly cost
Maintenance & Upgrades As required
Client Support Included in SLA
Revenue Share Revenue belongs to client less fees
Hotspot Templates Client picks a template


Hotspot Templates

Hotspot Landing Page layout and Functionality Options

  • Logo
  • Background Image
  • Complimentary Access
  • Data Capture
  • Choose to have sales enabled
  • TheFreebie

  • Possible
  • Possible

Customizable Hotspot Splash Page

Give your users a unique branded logon experience. Here are some examples:

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