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Provide free Internet to attendees, download an APP, post to social media or partake in a survey / competition, and use the hotspot as a digital billboard for a promotion at the event,


Why does your function need our Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Wi-Fi Hotspot installs for a large number of people need to be done properly or they are unusable. Without any user management people abuse the Internet connection, making it slow and expensive to provide without any real metrics or benefit to the provider.


How does a WISH Wi-Fi Hotspot solve this problem?

WISH hotspot resolves issue by allowing the provider to manage the users by automatically allocating a speed and data limit to each user. User details can be captured prior to granting them Internet access and used for direct marketing. The provider can customize the page that users get presented when they connect to the network, thus promoting the festival, or a certain aspect of the festival. A link to a video or APP can also be added on this landing page. The option also exists to sell data once users have depleted their original allocated data, as additional income for the event.


What do these WISH Wi-Fi Hotspots offer?

  • We manage and support your Wi-Fi for you.
  • Quick deployment by experts
  • We source the Internet connection through our partner networks
  • One point of contact for Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Customizable hotspot splash page
  • Ability to allocate fixed amounts of bandwidth and data per device
  • Option to capture customer information before they get their allocated data
  • Ability to place an advertisement on the splash page, or redirect users to a link



How does it work?

The user will connect to the Wi-Fi access point and be redirected to a hotspot landing page. On the splash page the user can be shown information about the festival, and could be required to enter their details before being granted Internet access (with a set speed and data usage limit). Once connected the user will have a chance to like the Facebook page of the event or festival. If the data limit set is reached, the user’s access will be revoked and they will be prevented from further Internet access. If the option to buy is enabled, then user can now buy extra data cash from the event organizers, or directly online.

Installation Options

Client Owned Infrastructure & Hotspot

Hotspot Service Aspect Client Expenditure
Installation Fee Once Off Cabling, Labour and Travel costs
Hardware Cost Once Off All equipment costs
Bandwidth Cost Monthly Full bandwidth cost
Hotspot Service Fee Monthly SLA with a fixed monthly cost
Maintenance & Upgrades As required
Client Support Included in SLA
Revenue Share Revenue belongs to client less fees
Hotspot Templates Client picks a template


Hotspot Templates

Hotspot Landing Page layout and Functionality Options

  • Logo
  • Background Image
  • Complimentary Access
  • Data Capture
  • Choose to have sales enabled
  • TheFreebie

  • Possible
  • Possible

Customizable Hotspot Splash Page

Give your users a unique branded logon experience. Here are some examples:

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